Sigvaris designs a range of medical compression therapy solutions in response to different medical and lifestyle needs. Sigavris has three different categories of compression garments;  Medical, Well Being and Sports. Sigvaris Medical compression garments are made for lower and upper limb for chronic venous insufficient, Deep vein thrombosis lymphoedema or venous ulcers. Medical ranges from classes 1 -4 including custom made garments.

Well Being stockings are our support ranges of socks and stockings for men and women. Well Being stockings have a preventive function and relieve the early symptoms of leg conditions, including our Traveno range for flying.

Sports are designed to improve athlete performance and recovery time.

Seven reasons to choose SIGVARIS:

  • Controlled efficacy compression stockings – Scientific studies show the efficacy of our products
  • Fitted compression: all legs are different; measurements are taken for best product fit to ensure best efficacy and comfort
  • Expertise recognized by health professionals and patients
  • Innovations that make compression therapy progress (UlcerX double stocking system, Sensinnov grip band for stockings)
  • Textile intelligence with unique sizing system to cover most of the population
  • A large choice of models, textures and colors to bring a solution for everyone
  • Our global commitment: raise awareness, educate and act to improve the treatment of venous insufficiency.

Sigavris has been the world leader in quality compression garments for over 150 years, still manufactured in Switzerland.

Sigavris compression garments can be purchased directly from Como Physio.  Speak to us today about advice for your specific requirements.

Visit the Sigvaris website here to read more.


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