Clinical Pilates


Pilates is a form of exercise, based on a series of movements, designed to improve physical strength, fitness, flexibility, coordination and posture. Specialized equipment is often used in Pilates. Pilates also poses a lower risk of injury than other exercise types and regimes, making it perfect for recovery from injury/surgery, for antenatal and postnatal fitness, osteoporosis prevention and chronic pain conditions.

Apart from Pilates Matwork Classes, Como Physiotherapy also offers Clinical Pilates (Equipment/Studio Classes) for those with specific problems that need to be corrected or addressed, such as chronic pain, complex musculoskeletal problems, postural issues, specific rehab goals (e.g. dancers, athletes), osteoporosis and pelvic floor or incontinence issues.


Our classes are done on a one-to-one basis (30 minute consultation) or in semi-private small classes (one instructor to two to three clients), or in studio sessions of 5-6 participants, both which run for 45 minutes duration.  Each client’s program will be individualized, even when participating in a studio session.

Charlene and her team of qualified physiotherapists have been teaching Clinical Pilates collectively, for over 15 years. The team assists individuals in identifying and designing the right type of Pilates, needed by each individual. Their approach to Pilates is individualized and highly supervised, using DMA Pilates Clinical Equipment in a comfortable and friendly environment.  Private health care rebates are claimable on all Pilates services using on-the-spot HICAPS claiming.

Some other areas of Pilates included at Como Physiotherapy Clinic include that of: Real Time Ultrasound Assessment (RTUS), Antenatal and Postnatal Pilates and Sports Specific and Functional Training Pilates.


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