The PINC Program

The PINC Program

What is the PINC Program?

pincpostera3The PINC program is an individualised and specialised, exercise-based rehabilitation program for cancer patients. Delivered by certified PINC Cancer Rehab Physiotherapists, the PINC Program encourages longer-term engagement in physical activity for cancer survivors. The PINC program has also been designed to give women with cancer strength through individualised rehabilitation programs.



The PINC Program

The PINC Pilates / Rehabilitation Program

  • Each session is designed to suit the needs of the patient on the specific day
  • PINC Pilates focuses on the individual needs of the patient and ensures that a caring and safe environment is created for each patient
  • A thorough assessment is done on the first session (approximately an hour)
  • Following sessions run for half an hour (sometimes an hour where necessary)

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